On April 10 2017, the Board passed resolution CF16-2017, which approved the Revenue Sharing, Distribution & Eligibility Criteria Policy. This policy provides for the CLCCF board to approve occasional revenue distributions to the three partners (District of Hope, Fraser Valley Regional District and the Yale First Nation), who then will distribute money via their granting processes in accordance with the categories specified in the CLCCF policy. Approving this policy was an important step in showing the public the intent of the CLCCF board and the partners for the method by which excess profits would flow back to the communities.

At this stage the CLCCF has not yet distributed any excess profits to the Partners via this process. Once the CLCCF distributes funding to the Partners and the Partners have created related grant application forms, these will be posted for potential applicants to apply for project funding.

The current approved policy is Revenue Sharing, Fund Disbursement and Eligibility Criteria Policy and Procedure.